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Grand Opening: New Chapter!

Namaste and greetings my beloved Ohana…

Having ended my time as a contributing writer for as the DC New Thought Examiner… This blog, my personal blog now begins a new chapter of writing freedom of expression! Oh the things we may get into. Are you ready for this new adventure? I most certainly am ready!

I remind you that you are free to contact me, comment with questions, concerns, etc. Often times expressing some thoughts, ideas, and concepts can become more challenging to convey clearly as they pass through the various filters of consciousness, knowledge and personality. So when something is said and you want me to clarify, do ask. Some of what I say will be to “rock the boat” or “crack the shell” so that we may expand into greater and greater levels of understanding and awareness and to do that, we must sometimes go where we feel uncomfortable or uncertain.

This spiritual path is most certainly an ever shifting and transforming path. It is like surfing to me… you never surf the same wave twice! So while certain ideas and concepts may be expressed today, understand that I will forever retain the right to change my mind (as I know I will) as my own understanding, awareness, consciousness shifts, grows, and transforms.

No one said the journey down the Rabbit Hole was a known and already traveled path. That journey is unique and as different for each of us as our fingerprints, DNA, and life experiences! So sit back, relax, and breathe as we begin this wondrous adventure of recognizing our greatness and stepping into it!

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