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Public Speaking, Guest Minister Speaking engagements & more


Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson currently serves as the founding minister and Spiritual Director of The Center for Spiritually Integrated Arts and while serving in that capacity, he is also a frequently requested internationally known guest minister, guest speaker, keynote speaker, and professional public speaker for various events.

He has spoken at many Unity churches and Centers for Spiritual Living and is a highly sought-after speaker.


As a professional speaker, he speaks at various non-religious/spiritual events and functions, educational settings and events, and many others including religious/spiritual events and functions outside of New Thought.

He has been interviewed on various Podcasts and webinars.

Some of the topics have been about such things as goal setting, authenticity, diversity and inclusion, self-esteem, self-confidence, Radical Unapologetic Audacious Self-Care, Radical Inclusion, LGBTQ Spirituality, and more.


For more information feel free to send us an email and if you want to inquire how to get him to speak at your school, job, or event, contact / 


You can watch and subscribe to his YouTube channel 

For dates and times where and when Rev. Dr. Ray is scheduled to speak check out the Calendar of Events page


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