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Several videos and other media outlets where Dr. Anderson presents spiritual principles that can transform your life.

Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson presents transformational teachings on a wide array of topics all for the purpose of guiding and inviting greater awareness and evolutionary shifting of consciousness that we realize and know who and what we Truly Are!

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"CSL Greater Baltimore Podbean Podcasts"

Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson's Sunday messages on Podbean


Rev. Dr. Durrell Watkins interviews and chats with Dr. Ray about New Thought, Sacred Social Activism, DC and Marvel Comics, and more...

"Dr. Ray took us to church! Y’all gonna learn something and feel something watching this. Metaphysics with heart and soul and a few laughs."

Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson 

Raymont Anderson

"Rule Your World"​ 

Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson Guest Minister @ Unity by the Bay, Annapolis, MD. Feb. 26, 2017

"The Illusion of Perception

pt. 1"

Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson Guest Minister @ Center for Spiritual Living, DC. Feb. 19, 2017.

"LIFELINE Series at The Temple of Light Centre for Spiritual Living Kingston Jamaica "​ 

Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson joins Spiritual Director Rev. John Scott and Licensed Practitioner Sandra Cooper in a lively discussion about "Living Abundantly at this Time"

"Mushin Do Mastering the Art of No Mind"

Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson Guest Minister @ Unity of Harrisburg, PA Nov. 26, 2017

"With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility"

Dr. Anderson discusses the ideas from a recent sermon in more detail.