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2020 What a Year..!?

In many ways for many people 2020 was a year of trials, tribulations, grief, sadness, loss, and traumas!!

For many others, it was a year of opportunities to change old business models, serve the community, engage and help people, focus on self and self care.

And for yet many others, perhaps the largest number of people? It was a combination of both!

No matter what the year was, here we are in 2021 and the primary questions to ask are what am I doing today for myself, my community, my loved ones? In what ways am I nurturing myself, loving myself, re-energizing myself so that I am better equipped to nurture, support, help, and serve others?

I know there are many teachers and students, for example, who are experiencing a new level of burn-out as a result of all the online stuff minus the personal interactions that make in-person education more enriching, energizing, inspiring, and active!

Hundreds of thousands of health workers are over burdened over worked, understaffed, and under supplied for the needs of those who have been and are currently ill. The infrastructure was not ready for this pandemic and we see the fallout of a failed and broken system at work.

And yet, again the question is... what are we ready, willing, and able to DO about it?

"In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead."

New International Version James 2:17

We are being invited in every area of our society, medical, political, education, senior care, business, housing, etc to change the system from one that is built on rugged individualism and each man for himself and pull yourself up by your own bootstraps to a compassionate system that understands we have moved from being our Brothers and Sisters Keeper to understanding I AM my Brother, I AM my sister, I AM my Sibling! The time of Radical Inclusionary Support, Nurturing, Care is upon us.

It begins first in our own minds and hearts and from there it goes out into the world in action as we vote, teach, coach, serve.

This happens one thought at a time

One action at a time

One courageous conversation at a time

One day at a time

Today is the day to think, act, speak, and be what we desire this world to be!

"A World that Works For All!

Check out the video of Rev. Ray talking about 2020 and his personal journey


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